What Everyone Needs To Know About HVAC Systems

  • 4 Ways To Disguise The Air Conditioner In Your Yard

    3 August 2016

    For those who live in hot climates, central air conditioning is not just a luxury, it's a survival mechanism. Yet many people still regret the nuisance that a large, boxy condenser unit creates in their yard. If you would like to learn more about minimizing the visual impact of your air conditioner, read on. This article will discuss four effective strategies. Ornamental Fence Perhaps the simplest, and the most common, way to disguise an obtrusive air conditioner is to have a fence erected around it.

  • Getting More Efficiency from a Central Heating Unit

    3 August 2016

    A central heating unit is a great way to heat a house, but in order to get the most from your system, you need to make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible. While installing the most efficient furnace you can afford is a great place to start, there are more steps you need to take in order to make sure that your system runs as its optimum level. 

  • Two Effective Options for Heating a Garage

    3 August 2016

    For many people, the garage often doubles a workshop, storage facility, gym, or hangout space. Yet there's nothing very appealing about spending time in an unheated garage when winter rolls around. If you are interested in making your garage more habitable by installing a heat source, read on. This article will discuss the pros and cons of two of the most common heating options for heating-system installation, forced air and infrared heaters.

  • Help! What Should You Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes?

    3 August 2016

    It can be a common spectacle to see ice on top of the air conditioner during some of the hottest days of summer. It is peculiar, but it can happen, and shouldn't be ignored. Here are some of the problems you can face during the dog days of summer and some of the solutions to those issues. Turn It Off If the air conditioning unit is frozen, you will need to let the system thaw out.

  • It's Like A Foreign Language! Learn The Meanings Of Common HVAC Terms

    3 August 2016

    When you're getting a new HVAC installation – or even when you need to have your HVAC system repaired – it's sometimes hard to figure out what's going on if you don't know what the terms your contractor uses mean. To simplify the buying process and help you make informed decisions, here's a look at the meanings of common HVAC terms. BTU: This stands for "British Thermal Unit." It is a measure of the rate at which a device can heat or cool the air.

  • When You Don't Need Heating, Ductless AC Is A Great Choice For Your Home

    3 August 2016

    In homes in climates where both heating and cooling are required, it makes sense to install forced air heating and central AC since they can be integrated into one system. But what if you live in a place where heating is never required and you only need to air condition your home? You could have central air installed, but there's a much better option: ductless AC. Here's a closer look at this type of AC system and why it's such a good choice in homes where no heating is required.

  • Ways To Insulate More Effectively When Using Fiberglass

    2 August 2016

    Fiberglass insulation has long been the go-to choice for homes, but homeowners who want the most effective, efficient insulation possible are often encouraged to consider an alternative like spray foam. While these alternatives are effective, they're also harder to come by and more expensive than fiberglass. If you're on a budget and need to insulate your home now, fiberglass is still a very suitable choice – but you'll want to follow these tips to make it as effective as possible.