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Reasons To Get Your AC Checked In The Spring

by Amelia Martin

If your central air conditioner was acting up last summer, you should have an HVAC technician check it during the spring to make sure it is working properly before summer comes. If you don't, you might discover that your AC is not working at all when the time comes for you to use it. Central AC is vital for the summer months, and here are several things that a technician might need to fix with your system to get it working correctly.

Low Coolant

One of the most common problems with central AC is low coolant. The coolant in your system is what extracts heat and provides cool air to your home. An AC system cannot handle this task unless it has enough coolant.

When the technician arrives, this will likely be the first thing he or she will check. If the coolant level is lower than it should be, the technician will complete two steps. The first step is adding more coolant. Adding more refrigerant will often solve the problem.

The second step is checking for leaks. If the coolant is low, what happened to the rest of the coolant? AC systems have closed loops, which means they reuse the same coolant over and over. The only way the coolant could be low is if some leaked out. If there is a leak, the coolant the technician adds will also leak out. The technician should know this and will search for a leak to fix before leaving your home.

Dirty Equipment

The other common cause of AC mishaps is dirty equipment. Your AC system has two parts. One is inside your home, and the other is outside. The system in your home contains an air filter. If you forget to change the filter every few months, it can become so dirty that it prevents the system from working efficiently. The outdoor part of your system can become dirty because it is outside.

If the coolant level is reasonable, the technician will start checking these parts of your system. If they are dirty, he or she will often clean them. In many cases, cleaning dirty equipment solves the problem. There are additional issues that might be happening, though, and your HVAC contractor can examine these too.

If you rely on having a cool house in the summer, make sure you have your AC system repaired in the spring. To set up an appointment for HVAC services, call an HVAC company today.