What Everyone Needs To Know About HVAC Systems

Have Your New Air Conditioner Installed Before Hot Weather Arrives

by Amelia Martin

If your old air conditioner didn't do a good job of cooling your house last summer, you're probably looking forward to having a new AC installed. A newer, more energy-efficient model will probably keep your home cooler for less cost, and that's something you can appreciate. Here are a few steps involved in getting your new air conditioning system.

Decide On The Parts You Need

If your HVAC system is old, your contractor may recommend you replace the AC, furnace, air handler, and ducts all at the same time. However, this isn't always necessary. If your air conditioner is fairly new but the outdoor condenser was damaged and needs replaced, it's possible your contractor will just replace the outdoor portion of the system and leave the indoor parts alone. You'll want the HVAC contractor to check the rest of the system and make sure the new condenser will work well with the existing ducts and air handler. You'll also decide if you'll keep your own thermostat or get a new one. If you want a smart thermostat, buy it in advance so you have it on hand for the contractor to install.

Know The Contractor's Responsibilities

You might need a permit to have a new AC installed, and if you do, your contractor will probably get it for you. However, you want to know this in advance so you can get the permit in time if it will be your responsibility. If you're replacing the entire system, the old equipment will be removed. The contractor will handle this part since it could be difficult and dangerous work. Find out if the contractor will also haul away all the old equipment so you can make plans to do it if you have to.

Schedule The Work For A Convenient Time

It could take all day to have a new home air conditioning system installed, so you may want to pick a time of year when the weather is mild, especially since the contractor may need to leave doors open for a while. Winter is a possible time for having a new AC installed, and you might even save some money during the slow season for AC work. Spring is probably a better time after it's warmer and before it gets too hot. You'll want your AC installed before the weather gets hot and miserable.

Learn How To Maintain The AC

Before the contractor leaves, they should teach you important things to know about operating your new equipment. The HVAC company may even offer a service plan that includes annual cleaning and servicing of the equipment. While you can't control lighting strikes and other forces of nature that might shorten the life of your air conditioner, you can maintain the equipment properly and get a longer life from it and have fewer breakdowns.

For more information, contact a home air conditioning installation contractor near you.