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Signs That Your Home May Have A Slab Leak.

by Amelia Martin

If you have a slab foundation as opposed to a basement, you may think that your home is immune to foundation leaks. While you won't need to worry about water in the same way a homeowner with a basement does, you do need to be aware of slab leaks. In a slab foundation, all of your water and waste pipes are installed through the concrete foundation. If one of these pipes develops a leak, it puts your foundation in danger. The following are a few signs of a slab leak that you need to be aware of.

Damaged floors

One of the first obvious signs for many homeowners is damage to the flooring. Carpet may feel damp or it may begin to mold as it develops a musty odor. Linoleum and vinyl flooring may begin to peel up and warp. Wood and laminate floors can develop cracks, or they may begin to buck and cup. Generally, if you notice new floor damage and you can't trace the cause, it could be due to a slab leak and you should have your home inspected.

Increased water bill

A leak from a water supply pipe will lead to an increased water bill, particularly since this leak will continue even when there are no open taps in the home. You may even hear water "hissing" through the pipes when it is quiet in the home and no water is running. If your water bill has gone up, try turning off all water supply taps in the house, including those that feed into the ice maker and any other appliance. Then, check your water meter to see if it's still spinning -- if it is, then that means water is still flowing into your home via a leak somewhere in the supply line. The cause could be a slab leak.

Pressure losses

Along with an increased water bill, you may also experience a loss of water pressure. If all taps are having the same pressure issues, then a leak is likely. To be safe, first have the pressure valve on your water supply lines tested and replaced if necessary. If this doesn't work, then have your slab inspected for leaks.

Structural issues

There are other structural issues that can indicate a leak. Doors and windows that begin to stick, for example, could be the result of uneven settling caused by the water damage that is affecting the slab. Your walls may even develop cracks, particularly near the corners of windows and doors. If you notice any structural problems, call in a technician to inspect your slab for leaks.

Fortunately, it is possible to have a slab leak repaired. By catching it early, you can avoid extensive damage to your home and foundation. Call a slab leak repair service for more help.