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How To Clean An AC Condenser Coil

by Amelia Martin

One piece of advice you may have heard about maintaining an air conditioner is to clean the condenser coil. It helps the condenser run with less wear and tear, helping extend its lifespan and limit repairs. However, if you do not know how to clean the condenser coil, you'll likely ignore the component until it needs to be fixed. Here are three tips so that you can learn how to clean the condenser coil on your own to keep it in good condition.

Power Down The Unit

The first thing you'll want to do when cleaning a condenser coil is to power down the entire unit. There is likely a switch located next to the unit that looks like a mini fuse box, but if not, you can shut it down by using your home's actual fuse box. It's the best way to ensure that there is no electricity running to the unit prior to working on it.

Remove The Access Panel And Metal Grate

The air conditioner will have an access panel that makes maintaining the unit easier. You'll need to remove that access panel and the grate cover on top of the unit to gain access to the inside. Make sure that you hold onto screws so that you do not lose them while panels and grates are removed. You be able to easily access the coil made out of copper inside the air conditioner. Chances are that it is very filthy and discolored, which means it is in need of a cleaning.

Clean The Condenser Coil

You'll need to remove debris that has found its way into the air conditioner. Then mix together a cleaning solution that uses soap and water to spray down the coil from the inside. You could use a normal garden sprayer used to apply fertilizer to your lawn to apply the cleaning solution and a brush with soft bristles to scrub the condenser coil. Now is also a good time to lubricate the moving parts on the inside, such as the fan bearings and motor, to ensure that the unit will run smoothly. Reattach the cover and service panel to the air conditioner, power it back on, and give it a test by starting up the air conditioner. Don't feel confident doing this job on your own? Reach out to a local residential AC maintenance service company in your area to handle the job for you.