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Six Things You Can Do In The Fall To Make Commercial AC Equipment More Efficient

by Amelia Martin

Keeping your HVAC equipment properly maintained is a good way to reduce operating costs at your commercial facilities. AC repairs can be costly, and malfunctions of your AC unit could cut into your company's revenue and productivity.

The fall months are an important time to take stock of the condition of your AC equipment and make any improvements you can to improve general HVAC efficiency.

The following are six things you can do in the fall months to make your commercial AC equipment more efficient throughout the year.

Make sure your unit has enough freon

In the fall, you've just finished with the time of year when AC equipment is going to see the heaviest use. As such, you should probably inspect your AC unit for freon leaks and have freon refilled as necessary if levels are low.

Clear out debris in your vents

HVAC vents and ducts see heavy use during the hot summer months when AC units are working hard. Therefore, they can experience a build-up of debris that has been blown through and caught within.

The fall months are a good time of year to do vent and duct cleanings to ensure proper air circulation and efficient HVAC operations during the fall and into the winter.

Inspect and seal ducts

Any leaks in your ducts will not only make your AC unit less efficient but also make your heating equipment less able to maintain comfortable interior temperatures once the temperature drops later in the fall.

The fall months provide a brief break between cooling and heating seasons for your HVAC equipment. This makes them a perfect time to look out for duct leaks and seal them up where necessary to maximize HVAC efficiency. 

Have a programmable thermostat installed

If you want to make your AC system more efficient this fall, you may want to invest in a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats can automate your HVAC needs so that you don't have to focus on them or worry about having staff members take time to adjust your thermostat to maintain an appropriate temperature in your facilities. 

Switch out your filters

If you've used your AC unit heavily over the past few months, debris is likely to have built up in your AC filter.

Therefore, you should switch out your filter in the fall so that your AC unit functions more efficiently for the rest of the fall and when it's needed again in the coming spring. 

Give your AC unit a good cleaning

Debris buildup around your unit is likely during the summer months when your unit has been heavily used. Debris around your AC unit could clog air flow and compromise air quality throughout your facility. 

Simply cleaning debris off of the exterior of your AC unit in the fall is a good idea. Reach out to a commercial AC service for more information.