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What Can Be Done About A Loud Air Conditioner

by Amelia Martin

Have you noticed that the air conditioner condenser located outside your home is getting louder than usual? This may be a reason to be concerned and cause you to do something about the noise. Here are some things that can be done to help make your air conditioner work at a more reasonable volume.

Fan Adjustments

If the annoying noise from the air conditioner sounds like rattling, it is likely that the loud noise is due to a problem with the unit's fan. The fan located on the top side of the condenser has a purpose of pulling heat out of the unit by circulating cool air through the vents on the side. This part gets used whenever the air conditioner is running, so it will see wear and tear over the years. A common problem with it is that the fan starts to become loose, which can create the rattling. You'll need to secure the fan to the condenser better to fix it.

Start by shutting down the unit by turning off the power at your fuse box. Unscrew the casing so that you can release it from the unit, then set it down on the ground. You should see a bolt that connects the fan to the motor that turns it. Tighten the bolt, then try moving the fan to verify that it's secure. It should not move up or down and should still spin freely.

While the fan cover is open, it is also a good time to clean the blades and look for problems. Fan blades should be even to avoid rattling, so wipe off the fan blades to remove any debris that is stuck on them and could cause the fan blades to not be in balance. Also inspect the fan blades for dents, which may result in needing to replace the blade if it is damaged.

Compressor Check

The compressor within the condenser can also fail as it gets older, which is unavoidable as the air conditioner is used. It is worth having this part inspected occasionally by an HVAC technician to see if it is in good shape or if it is worn down and responsible for all the noise. For example, a potential problem the compressor might be having is a malfunctioning piston that moves the refrigerant.

Since these repairs are more complicated to perform, reach out to a local AC service technician for assistance.