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Points To Consider When Planning A Fireplace Installation

by Amelia Martin

Are you planning a fireplace installation? If so, you may think that the process is as simple as contacting a contractor to install your fireplace. However, there are numerous factors that can impact your decision. You should consider these factors prior to your installation because it will aid in ensuring that you are satisfied with the final product. Your fireplace is an investment, which is why you should take the selection process seriously. The following are a few points to keep in mind as you prepare for your installation.


Your budget will play an important role when choosing a new fireplace. There are various types of fireplaces. If your budget is on the low-end, you will likely want the most economical choice. Consider looking at fireplaces that provide functionality. Today's functional fireplaces can provide you with the heat and ambiance you desire without "breaking the bank." Perhaps you have a budget that allows you to afford a new fireplace that has multiple additional features. For example, some fireplaces operate using electricity and faux logs. A perk would be choosing a model that operates using a remote.

Expected Heat Output

Heat output is important because some individuals use their fireplaces with their furnaces. This is an approach that can lower heating bills. You may also choose to use your fireplace by itself when it is in use. This approach can still be cost-effective depending on the type of fuel your fireplace will require. For example, wood is an affordable fuel that will not require the use of energy. Another thing to keep in mind when considering heat output is the size if the area you plan to heat. 

Usage and Maintenance

If you desire the aromatic smell of wood burning, then you should opt for a wood-burning fireplace. However, keep in mind that a wood-burning fireplace will require you to maintain it to ensure it is safe to operate. Chimney sweeping must be performed to remove soot, ashes, and creosote. Perhaps you have a busy lifestyle and want a fireplace that is easy to operate. A gas-operated model will be easy to light, and you will have a cleaner fuel warming your home. You will not have the worries of chimney cleaning if you opt for a gas model

A fireplace installation company is a good resource to use to get questions answered about your project. The professionals can also provide specific pros and cons about certain materials and fireplace designs.