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After The Storm: Inspecting Your Home For Plumbing Problems

by Amelia Martin

After a hurricane or a major flood, you may discover that your home plumbing has many problems that must be repaired. Fortunately, with the right plan, you can locate and repair each of these fixtures and get your home back to normal.

Safety Considerations

First, you will want to make sure it is safe to enter your home before doing so. Hurricanes and floods can cause electrical hazards, structural damage and can fill your home with toxic floodwater. Floodwater will need to be pumped out of your home and you will need a dehumidifier to remove moisture that has been left behind.

Once you have determined it is safe to enter your home, walk through your home and check every drain to make sure it drains properly. Turn on each faucet. Walk around your home and hunt for any warning signs of plumbing problems.

Removing Clogs

Floodwater contains dirt and silt. This usually leads to drains and pipes clogging. The usual methods used to clear other clogs can be used to clear clogs caused by flooding. However, if a plunger or a plumber's snake is not enough to clear a clog, you may need to hire a professional plumber.

Cleaning Fixtures

Fixtures can also become clogged, such as shower heads. These need to be disassembled to remove debris. Also, if these fixtures are not cleaned, they may not be safe to sue because they are likely to harbor bacteria. 

Fixing Pipes

When all of the floodwater is gone, you may notice that there are pools of water. Shut off the main water line. The flying debris and the rush of water can be enough to crack or shatter pipes. These pipes must be removed by a professional plumber and replaced. 

Damaged pipes may not be obvious. For instance, a pipe in your wall might cause a wall to appear very moist, but behind the wall, there is a geyser of spraying water. Pay attention to your water meter for unexplained surges in your water usage which can indicate a leak.

Repairing Underground Pipes

One of the more challenging problems to handle is when pipes underground break. You may notice sinkholes forming or the soil becoming damp in certain areas. These pipes break as a result of the weight placed upon them by large amounts of water. You will need a plumbing service to perform a camera inspection to locate the cause of the leak.