What Everyone Needs To Know About HVAC Systems

Three Tips For The Best HVAC Maintenance

by Amelia Martin

Your HVAC system is the driving force behind the comfort in your household, since it is responsible for all heating and cooling. This guide will teach you three important tips that will help you maintain your HVAC system so that it runs at its peak. Follow these three tips for as long as you own your home and touch base with a licensed HVAC contractor who can help you out. 

Tip #1: Follow Some Periodic Maintenance Guidelines

There are a number maintenance guidelines that you can follow every few weeks or months in order to keep your HVAC system at its best. For instance, always use high efficiency, eco-friendly filters and change those filters out no less than once per 90 days. Changing the filters regularly will let your air conditioner work with less strain, since these filters weed out debris. You should also get the refrigerant lines inspected at least once per month. In terms of health and safety, make sure to get your carbon monoxide detector battery changed once per year. 

Tip #2: Maintain The Thermostat And Settings

One of the biggest ways to make your HVAC system more efficient and less expensive to operate is to curb all waste. The use of the thermostat will dictate a lot of whether your system will be wasteful or not. You can cut down on energy waste by invest in a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system. Investing in one of these thermostats will help you to save energy, since you have automatic control over the fluctuations in temperature. The thermostat will raise and lower the temperatures in your home based on up to the moment comfort needs, rather than having to consistently keep one temperature. You can also help your HVAC system make better use of these temperatures by keeping your ducts and windows sealed.  

Tip #3: Employ Some Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Since your HVAC system has to work harder in the winter and summer months, you will need to employ some seasonal maintenance tips. For one, you need to inspect each electrical connection and properly lubricate all of the moving parts. You should also run a few start up and shut down cycles in preparation for the changing season. Further, examine the HVAC system's condensation drain to be sure that your system is able to maintain the necessary humidity levels. 

Keep these three tips in the back of your head in order to maintain your HVAC system properly. Contact a contractor, like Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services, for more help.