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Why Use A Ductless AC System?

by Amelia Martin

The standard type of AC unit for use in a home is a central air system. Such a system will have a set of coils located in a central location inside your home and a second set of coils located outside your home. Because of the central location of the evaporator coils, your unit will have to use a system of ducts to push cold air to the various rooms in your home. A ductless system will place multiple evaporator units in the rooms of your home that need cooling and thus eliminate the need for ducts in the first place. While a ductless system can make sense in some situations, they are not right for every home. 

The Benefits of Eliminating Ducts

Ducts have a few key drawbacks. For one, installing ducts in your home only increases your installation costs. After all, it costs more money to run ducts and cover them with drywall as opposed to drilling a few holes through the studs in your home to run AC coolant lines. Another disadvantage of ducts is that they can develop leaks over time and leaky ducts can decrease your system efficiency by up to 40%. Finally, when you use ducts, you end up pushing cold air to rooms whether they need cooling or not. You could shut the vents to rooms not in use, but this only puts more pressure on your ducts, which can make them wear out faster. 

An Analysis of a Ductless System

When you use a ductless AC system, you have four evaporator units, which you place directly in the rooms that you need to cool. You can adjust the output of each evaporator independently of the others. Thus, if one room needs more cooling, you turn it up and leave the thermostats in the other rooms where they are. If you aren't using a room, you can simply turn the thermostat off so that you aren't pumping cool air into a room you are not using. While you can save money with the targeted cooling provided by a ductless system, you can only cool four rooms at a time, so a ductless system works best for small homes or in larger homes where there is not a need to cool every room.

If you are wondering if a ductless AC system might be right for your home, you should talk to an HVAC technician to discuss the savings and performance that you could expect from a ductless system.