What Everyone Needs To Know About HVAC Systems

Are You Getting An HVAC Appliance Looked At? Have Them All Tuned-Up And Maintained

by Amelia Martin

If you have a concern with one of your HVAC appliances and there is a professional coming to your home, you want to have all the units inspected. Instead of just having one looked at, you should have all of the appliances looked at while the experts are already at your home. Here are a few of the things you'll want to have done to maintain the appliances and to find out what is wrong with the appliance that concerns you.

Hot Water Tank Flush

A hot water tank should be flushed, which means water is pressured through the tank, to remove all the buildup that is on the inside of the tank. Flushing can remove hard water staining and odors and help the tank work more effectively. If the tank is lined with corrosion and there are a lot of damages, you may want to consider replacing the unit.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Since the air conditioning unit is outside, a dirty and uncleaned unit can bring exterior problems inside. If bugs like fruit flies decide to accumulate in the condensation and moisture created by the air conditioning unit, they can be pushed throughout the ventilation system into the house. The air conditioning unit should be cleaned, the filter changed, and the Freon levels checked annually.

Ventilation Cleaning

The ducts throughout the house are exposed to the hot and cold air that is created by the furnace and the air conditioning, and anything that falls into the flooring and wall vents that are around the house. The ducts should be cleaned to remove allergens, mold, and mildew along with any other toxins that can accumulate. Removing lint and dust improves air flow to regulate temperature in all areas of the house.

Furnace Tune-Up

The furnace needs to have its gas lines and mechanical components inspected. The filter needs to be changed, the fan needs to be cleaned, and you want to have the furnace tested to see how efficient it is. Cleaning the furnace can reduce the chance of a house fire and improve efficiency at the same time.

There are a lot of different problems that will happen with your appliances over time, and getting regular inspections and tune-ups is a great way to maintain the units and to prevent major problems. This can prevent unexpected expenses and stop small problems from becoming large, costly repairs. 

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