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When You Don't Need Heating, Ductless AC Is A Great Choice For Your Home

by Amelia Martin

In homes in climates where both heating and cooling are required, it makes sense to install forced air heating and central AC since they can be integrated into one system. But what if you live in a place where heating is never required and you only need to air condition your home? You could have central air installed, but there's a much better option: ductless AC. Here's a closer look at this type of AC system and why it's such a good choice in homes where no heating is required.

What is ductless AC?

A standard, central AC system consists of an outdoor condenser unit, indoor condenser coils, a blower unit, and a network of ducts that run through the home and carry the air to various rooms. This is a whole lot of equipment. A ductless AC system is a lot simpler. There are just two parts: An outdoor condenser unit and an air handling unit that is mounted on the wall, extending from the outside to the inside. They're connected by a simple piece of plastic or metal tubing. To adjust the temperature, you use the thermostat that's located directly on the air handling unit.

Why is ductless AC such a good choice if you don't need heat?

Running ducts through your walls for a central AC system is a major project. If your home is just being built, installing the ductwork will be costly and will also require that you leave more space between the walls. (This translates to smaller rooms and less actual living space.) If your home is already built, installing ductwork will require major renovations. You'll also need to have the ducts cleaned and maintained regularly. With a ductless system, you don't have to accommodate the ductwork, so your rooms can be larger, and you never have to pay someone to keep your ducts cleaned. You don't have to worry about your ducts becoming a breeding grounds for mold or insects, either!

If you have a large home and choose ductless AC, you can even have more than one air handling unit connected to the same condenser unit. This means you'll be able to set the temperature at one air handling unit at, say, 72 degrees, while you set the other one at a different temperature, like 76 degrees. This gives you more control over your comfort levels throughout the home and also lets you keep energy bills in check. Central AC systems, on the contrary, generally come with one thermostat that controls the temperature of your whole home.

Since you don't need heat, there's really no reason to run ducts through your walls. Choose ductless AC over a central system, and your life will be a lot simpler. Contact a business, such as Advanced Heating & Cooling, for more information.